Refer a Colleague, Friend, or Family


Refer a Colleague,
Friend, or Family

Our Special Graduate Offer

Our Special Graduate Offer

Our part to help new graduates.


Together, let's simplify healthcare and improve patient care!


Together, let's simplify healthcare and improve patient care!

At Ouris, we understand the value of connections and referrals.

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FAQs FOR Referrals

Common Questions

A Healthcare Professional Friend can be anyone providing healthcare-related services, including but not limited to doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, labs, pharmacies, yoga instructors, massage therapists, fitness providers, and more. Refer to the list below for more examples:.

General Practice – Family Doctor

Specialist Consultants – e.g., Cardiologist, Dermatologist, and more


Ayurveda – AYUSH


Homeopathy – AYUSH

Allied Health Professionals - Audiology, Carer Services, Life Coaching, Optician, Dietician, Health Care Assistant, Midwife, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Orthoptist, Psychology, Regulated Therapy, and Ultrasonography.

Complementary Professionals – Fitness, Beauty, and Cosmetics services.


Lab and Diagnostics

To refer a friend or family member, you need to be registered with Ouris.

1. Go to Ouris Rewards Menu.

2. Create a New Referral.

3. Add your Friend's details.

4. Generate a Code.

5. Send it to your Friend.

Your friend needs to apply the unique referral code at the time of registration with Ouris to redeem it. Rewards are applied to your account after your friend completes the required steps by Ouris. You can view your rewards under the Rewards section.

Rewards are provided for the following products and subscription periods:

KYC verification by Ouris


Minimal Subscription Period: 12 Months

After the necessary approvals, Ouris pays cashbacks to you and your friend using UPIs, Bank Transfers, or Vouchers (subject to Ouris current market partners).

You can refer unlimited healthcare friends and earn cashbacks for each successful referral.

Ouris is committed to helping new healthcare graduates step into the digital health platform. This offer is available to new healthcare graduates within the first 12 months of graduation. Graduation certificates and qualifications will be verified as part of the KYC process.

Ouris' new graduate program is specifically designed for new graduates entering the healthcare field. It does not apply to postgraduates.


The Referral Programme rewards are applicable exclusively to subscribers who commit to a minimum 12-month subscription of Smart, Premium, or Enterprise solutions.

Rewards are eligible for first-time registered users and do not apply to renewals or upgrades.

Rewards will be dispatched or paid within 60 days of receipt of payments from the beneficiary.

Ouris reserves the sole right to modify or terminate the campaign without prior notice.

New Graduate rewards are specifically designated for Primary healthcare graduates, such as MBBS, BDS, and Allied health professionals across various healthcare sectors.