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Secure Connect


Secure Connect

Empowering Patient Communication with social media-like Messaging, Without Compromising Security and Data Privacy.

Keep your communications and pictures private.

Communicate with patients without disclosing your contact details.


Team communications simplified

Team communications simplified

Create specific groups.

Assign Teams to manage tasks.

Look Beyond the Surface: The True Price of Free Software

WhatsApp collects information like contact details and app usage.

This data can be used to show personalised ads.

Some user data is shared with Facebook, the parent company.

Not recommend for healthcare usage in US,UK, Europe , Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

Does not comply with HIPAA, GDPR,OAIC,HISO regulations.


Ouris – The Solution


Ouris – The Solution

Your and patients' information remains confidential and is not shared with anyone.

Ouris complies with HIPAA and GDPR regulations to ensure data protection.

Patients' medical information and images are not saved on your phone, ensuring privacy and security.

Both web and mobile app versions can be used simultaneously for convenience.

No need for an additional work phone; Ouris serves as an all-in-one solution.

Group chats are shared privately, eliminating the risk of negative comments being visible to others.